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One off Panic?

What we need to know from you, the basics…


  1. Your Credit / Debit Card details
  2. Full details of where to collect from (Address, Contact Name, Phone Number)
  3. Description of goods, so we send the correct vehicle
  4. Full details of where to deliver to (Address, Contact Name, Phone Number)
  5. Confirmation that there will be access at both ends, and appropriate loading / unloading facilities

ONCE you have all of this, please call the main office number [Contact Page]

What we need to tell you, the basics…


  1. Most Relevant Terms & Conditions to you

 –   Collection local to us (20 mile radius) for non-account customers. This includes Wakefield, Leeds, Rotherham, Doncaster

 –   Card Fee of 2.5%

 –   Quoted price will be calculated on mileage, based on addresses you provide.

 –   We will help you straight away, but need to reserve the right to charge extra in the following circumstances

 –   Addresses given are inaccurate, causing further distance to be travelled

 –   We are required to wait more than 15 minutes at either the collection of or delivery point

 –   We incur unforeseen charges in the course of completing the job for you


[Download our Full T&Cs here]