How to get the most out of your Parcel Carrier at busy times – The inside track from the Sameday Specialists
How to get the most out of your Parcel Carrier at busy times – The inside track from the Sameday Specialists

How to get the most out of your Parcel Carrier at busy times – The inside track from the Sameday Specialists

Here’s the 021 Sameday Tip Sheet to sending parcels with an overnight carrier.  Especially useful at busy times, this guide will help you sidestep many common problems encountered by our clients in the past…

Leave room to Manoeuvre – Allow at least two days before a weekend or public holiday. If something goes wrong on the first day, you have a chance to correct it quickly.

Timed Deliveries – A Next Day Parcel is not late until the day is over. By which time nothing can be done about it. Find out what the extra costs are of timers, even if its only so you can chase it and discover any problems at 12:05, rather than ringing the following day or worse, being told by your customer.

Don’t leave anything out – Provide addresses IN FULL. If you have been given a house name, ask whether there is a number as well (sometimes there is). If its going to a business that has recently changed names, ask what is displayed on their building and use that.

The driver can’t be expected to figure out that ‘ABC Events’ has been taken over by ‘123 Corporate’.  They won’t ring either, that could take ages. (You need to use Same Day for that)

Don’t forget the phone number – Add it at the time of booking so it appears on the Driver’s Notes.  Writing it on the parcel is fine, but if the driver has a problem and can’t call ahead, he might not get round to looking for the item itself, so don’t leave that to chance.  Also, if theres a problem one of the first questions will be, “Did you give us the phone number?”

Signature Optional – Signatures are the strongest proof of delivery.  Even so, ask your customer if they are happy for it to be left in a safe place (there will be an option for this when you book it in).  Of course this is another ‘at your own risk’ situation so it really is your call, but should be considered as a good way to make sure it is delivered.  Drivers also like these as they are quicker.

Check it twice, make the corners and sides rigid, add an inner layer of padding to absorb any shocks.  Aim for a functional outer pack with ‘display’ box inside, thoughtfully put together to arrive with your customer un-scuffed.

Don’t let fragile things touch each other…or anything.  I recently ordered a vase and candle.  They were sent with no packing, as you might display them (Candle inside vase) …it did not survive.

Make it stand out! Reason 1 – A driver can have 80 boxes in his vehicle.  He may not have loaded it himself.  Add bright parcel tape, along with a note in the order describing it for the driver.

Make it stand out! Reason 2 – In the event that your parcel is miss-routed or misplaced, you may need to give a description of the box itself to help any depot search.

Your boxes should look like they belong together – Multiple parcels going to the same place?  Again, think about trying to locate them in the back of a parcel van.  If the driver has found two brown boxes and is looking for a third parcel, they will most likely be looking for another brown one.  They will only be able to search for so long.

Attack of the Marker Pen – It is rare that labels fall off…but they do.  Write the consignment number directly onto the box.  Add box numbers ‘1 of 2’ etc.