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021 Sameday has seen huge changes in the delivery industry since being founded in 2001.  Whilst providing a real Dedicated Courier Service, our business has adapted and evolved to support customers in ways we couldn’t have imagined at the beginning.

We have a client base of local and out-of-area businesses.  Where there are improvements or new ideas to compliment what we do; we learn, apply and use them to their full potential.

Our roots are in urgent deliveries but we are not limited to that. Do you know how to get the absolute best from a Parcel Company system? Try organising the delivery of 250 Turkeys on Christmas Eve, in the snow, and getting them all safely tucked in before Santa comes.   We know where we fit in the big picture.  We can organise multiple, countrywide deliveries in dedicated vehicles in a matter of hours.  Not only that, but be proven better, and cheaper than the alternative.

We are not just a delivery company.  Using a real Dedicated Courier Service could improve project cash-flow, increase your value added, reduce risk or just plain save money and time?  That’s before you start to benefit from our years of experience, contacts, and knowledge of what can really be achieved.

We are planners and problem solvers.  Being independent, we have the luxury of adapting to you.  There are bigger companies than us offering Same Day type services.  Outside our T&Cs though, we will not try to shoe-horn you into our system, because we don’t need to.  Even so, we still perform on a national scale.

As part of the National Dispatch and Courier Association (Formerly the NCA) we adhere to a code of conduct, reporting and accounting. That is recognised throughout the industry.  Please see the link to their website for more information on what they do [Social Media & Other Page]


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